View our Booklet for information about the Foundation and our activities.

Donations to the Foundation can be made by credit card, cheque, money order or direct deposit.

For direct deposit, please contact the Foundation’s office for details.

For credit card, cheque or money order, please complete this form and send it to the Foundation along with your cheque, money order or credit card details. The form includes all the details needed to handle your donation correctly, including any specific target for the funds and whether or not you require a tax deduction.

You may also donate online through Everyday Hero. Please note that this is only available for those requiring a tax deduction, and that Everyday Hero deduct an additional fee for donations made this way. Everyday Hero is well suited to fundraising campaigns.


Here are some ideas for fundraising:

  • Donate $2 or more & optionally get a Tax Deduction.
  • Fundraise towards a donation by having regular morning teas with your friends or at work.
  • Hold a trading table or garage sale.
  • Invite each of your friends to donate.
  • Contact the Eyre Peninsula Community Foundation & arrange to donate directly into the Foundation now and into the future.
  • Select the EPCF as your chosen workplace charity.
  • Promote your  local business by donating LOCALLY into the Eyre Peninsula Community Foundation

“By donating to the Eyre Peninsula Community Foundation you will be keeping your donation LOCAL for LOCAL benefit.”

“The mission of the Eyre Peninsula Community Foundation is to enable the people of the Eyre Peninsula to proactively contribute to the long term benefit of our region by building community endowment, addressing local needs through charitable grant-making and encouraging philanthropy.”